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Write Essays For Money

Paper and Pencil Curriculum: Just How Much Can You Rely about it?

Paper may be the lifeblood of schools. Streams of paper go through the copy devices and movement through hallways towards the classrooms. Students and instructors swim in an ocean of paper: paper bound in books, loose-leaf paper, university guideline paper, graph paper and consumable paper glued in workbooks. Info is retrieved from paper, stored written down and provided in writing.

Pupils color paper, cut paper, glue paper, fold paper hot dog and hamburger design, look over paper, compose in writing, bubble in paper. Is not it amazing exactly exactly what instructors can just do with paper and pencils? Honestly, I'm fed up with paper. Is paper the greatest we are able to show up with to assist our students learn?

Is not it time we quit attempting to fit learning on a web page and quantifying knowledge on a piece paper?